Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Au Naturale

We've spent some time outside, and you've written down your observations. Now it's time to put those creative juices to work by penning a new poem. This time, your poem must focus on nature/your nature observations. I am not requiring you to use a specific poem format.


  1. Majestic robin
    Perched in lusty foliage
    Who is watching whom?

    -- Haiku

  2. A stream slowly erodes
    away at the earth as a baby willow
    tree trys to soak up all the water
    but a farmer comes and chops it down.


  3. The sun shines hello and I feel so alive.
    I feel like a bud opening up to the sky;
    like the first day of spring,
    or an echoing ring.
    The wind blows so softly and i remember those days.
    Those days when we didn't need the reminders;
    we knew we were happy, just living each day.
    The birds fly on by me and I just wish I could join them.
    They chirp to the sky and I cry just to be them.
    The world has such beauty, such grace and such charm;
    I don't know how ever it could do so much harm.
    The flowers start to bloom and I feel like I'm blooming too.
    Like I'm ending my whole life and starting anew.


  4. Nestled in the branches, delicate birds lie
    Across the green grass, buzzing bees fly
    Trees, big and green, their roots sprawl
    Under the leaves, snails crawl
    Robins, so light and spry
    Everything is beautiful under the sky


    -Poem type:Acrostic

  5. so small and so helpless the small bug lands.
    it needs shade from the hot sun on its back.
    needs protection from the buzzing bees and the swooping birds. its only there but a second now its off for it is a predator too you know.
    perhaps it will kill what it is after or be killed in the process, so small and so helpless, but how can you be certain when you are the bug, small, helpless, uncertain.


  6. The trees have their buds
    he birds flying in the sky
    spring finally came


  7. As i look around i see many things,
    Sometimes you have to look closer,
    Sometimes to see the beauty in nature,

    I see buds on trees,
    like a new born baby just starting to grow,
    It will take some time,

    But eventually you will see,
    You will see the true beauty,
    That nature has to offer,

    Birds are making nests in trees,
    Trying to care for their unhatched babies,
    They sit there and warm their young,

    There is a slight breeze,
    And the leaves blow gently,
    Almost as if to say hello


  8. I can feel myself
    As nature floats around me
    But who will ever notice?


  9. Pencils moving rapidly,
    Eyes, silently searching
    for something,
    something worthy to write down.
    But what isn't?


  10. Looking up,
    Close your eyes.
    Its almost here now,
    you start to smell it.
    Rain on hot pavement.


  11. Outside is pretty.
    Many things to see outdoors.
    A bee just passed me.


  12. The Sun

    The sun, high in the sky,
    warming the day,
    The sun, like a magnet,
    draws things outside to play

    Amazing how the sun
    billions of miles away,
    can have such a huge effect on Earth
    just by welcoming our day

    Bringing out the birds
    new melodies they will sing,
    Welcoming the bees back
    to the flowers just for spring

    And squirrels come out of hiding
    jump playfully in the trees,
    And I, I sit and watch
    with my chin upon my knees

    There are many things in nature
    the sun brings in to view,
    Look carefully and quietly
    and you will see them too


  13. The smell of spring air
    The feel of the warm sunshine
    The sight of tree buds


  14. As the cool wind blows the trees yellow buds sway.
    As the woodpecker pecks and the woodchuck chuks when i lean on the bright green fence.
    The cloudy sky rolls on by, the red robin and the blue birds sings.
    When the bee buzzes around the white swaned covered water, but they all fly away when the wreckeres come.
    Their mud spattered machiens destryoy the wourld, and nothing is done to stop it.
    They sit marely drunk and know nothing.
    But i know what will happen and i try to stop it, but i can't, i'm to weak.
    Nothing sways no peck or chuck has ben hered in days.
    The only thing in the sky is black Muckiness.
    Still today the werkers wereck, and still they do nothing.
    So help now and stop the madness and the werekers from wereking.
    Because we all are the werekers.


  15. Spring is here! Spring is here!
    Everything says it is.
    Flowers flourish under the new spring sun.
    The sun announces it's presence to the
    new grass to come forth and enjoy it's warmth.
    Baby birds chirp to their newly met mothers.
    Fish swim, squirrels leap, beavers start to build.
    The air is crisp and reviving from the relentlss grasp of the winter wind, trying to steel our breath away.
    It's out with the old and in with the new, for spring is here and it's time to move on.
    Mother Nature has her own sense of time, and she's ready to welcome spring with it's flowers and say good-bye to winter and it's endless supply of snow.


  16. CupCake

    Mr. Wood pecker will you gives a beat
    give me something to tap my feet

    Robin, Blue Bird wont you sing a note
    so i can know to take off this coat

    Wont you help the buzzing bee so he wont be alone
    please help him make a pretty tone

    Slow down and all of nature will be seen
    common now don't be mean


  17. Petals up and down

    Insects all over the ground

    Now I understand


  18. NATURE

    I watch the yellow buds on the tree blowen in the wind, as a bumbble bee buzzez by, and the woodpecker is in the tree,there are no grapes yet but lots of danielions.