Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Recommend A Book!

Wow! We've been writing, and we've been reading, but we have some catching up to do in the AR challenge. Let's help each other out with the book selection process by throwing around some AR titles.

Record the following in your comments:

Book title and author:
AR points:
Brief summary (don't give anything important away!) OR a description of why you liked this book:
Reading level, approximately (low, medium, high difficulty):
Where you found the book:
Your rating of the book, on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the BEST book you've ever read):
Your first name:


  1. Artimus Fowl by Eion Culfer
    6 AR points
    A twelve year old child genius is fasinated by fairies and magical creatures. When he finally captures a fairy named Holly Short, a member of the fariy police. And its a race against the clock for Artimus and Holl
    A medium reading level
    I found the book in the liberary
    9 rating
    Joshua Tippens

  2. Tuesdays With Morrie by Mitch Albom
    5.5 AR points
    I loved this book because it is a true story, and I can always somehow relate to true stories. And I'm sure other people can too. The book a had a bunch of lessons and it really changed my outlook on life. This book taught me a lot and is one of my favorite books. I'd recommend it to people who like true stories, or if you are having trouble with one kind of books you are interested in. I think that anyone will like this book. Anyone could relate to this book in a type of way.
    Mrs.Carr's room but I'm sure they have it in the library also.
    10 no doubt.

    Jenn Kreger

  3. Title: Eldest (#2 in the Inheritance Series)

    Author: Christopher Paolini

    AR Points: 36 (this should help ANYONE INTERESTED in beating the person HIGHER than YOU)

    Where I found it: Library

    Summary: After Eragon's first battle in the first book ,Eragon, his partner disappears. Eragon travels to the forest of Ellesmara along with the speedy, strong, fearless, and beautiful elf, Arya, he travels meet his master/trainer and is trusted with one of the most deepest secret of all of Alagaesia. During his stay he must learn to fight even with his injury and have the ability to use magic without killing himself all while his dragon Saphira learns harder and tougher flight/escape manuevers that she'll have to put to the test sooner than she thinks.
    All while this is happening Roran, Eragon's cousin must fing a way to not get caught by the Empire's disgusting Razac or soldiers, sail to Suada, and to free his fiance, Katrina.

    Descrption: This book may be about dragons but I've read the three that are published and i'm impatiently waiting for the fourth. If you think you won't like it because it's about dragons, don't worry so did I and I love it now. If you also think it's too big or just not your type I recommend it still. It's got action, fighting, peril, surprises, plus some forbidden romance. It will keep you on the edge of your seat and you won't want to set it down. This series over all is AMAZING! Just don't read this book(Eldest) or the third(Brisingr) before you read the first(Eragon) or you won't understand much of anything.

    Level: EASY. Although this book is big it's reading level is easy because Paolini has a language glossary in the back for what we don't know.

    Rating: 10!


  4. The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien

    A hobbit named Bilbo Baggins, thirteen dwarves, and a wizard all set part on an adventure to obtain stolen treasure from a dragon named Smaug. When nobody thinks he will be of use, Bilbo proves himself somewhat of a hero.

    I liked this book because it talks about many things that aren't in this world and it really gets you thinking about if there is such a place or ever was.

    I think it was medium-high. It was not the hardest book I've read, nor the easiest.

    Mrs. Carr lent me the book.



  5. Andy foster

    The invention of Hugo cabaret, 4 ar points

    The book is about this little boy that live's at a train station. His father died in a fire at a museum. He go's and lives with his uncle that that lived in the train station too. eventuly his uncle dissapers, so hugo has to make sure all the clocks are on the right time to make it look like his uncle is still there. The only thing he has is the mechanical man that draws a picture. The picture has to do something with his father's favorite childhood movie. Read it to find out what happens to him.
    It is an easy read.
    It is like a 7 on a scale 1-10.
    found in mis. carr's room.

  6. The Hollywood Sisters
    Mary Wilcox

    It's about an older sister who auditions for the new tve show and she gets the part. Someone is jealous of her and tries to ruin her life by putting fake news in the columns and newspapers. Her youger sister tries to find out who the jealous fake one is.

    The book was low. Very easy



  7. 6 AR points by the way

  8. Peak
    By Roland Smith

    A 14 year old, Peak Marcello, gets himself in some major trouble with the law because of his love for rock climbing. After getting out of his sentence he finds himself with his long lost father. After no more than maybe 3 hours with him, he is off again. Secretly his father is planning an climb to Mount Everest. Facing not only the challenge of Everest he has to deal with the Chinese guard. He has a long and hard climb ahead of him.

    I don't know the point value but probably a 6 or 7.

    It was a fairly easily book as long as you keep track of the names.

    I found the book in Mrs. Carrs room.

    I think it was a 6

    Cheyanne :D

  9. 1984 by George Orwell

    17 AR points

    Winston, the main character, lives in Oceania. Oceania has a totalitarian government, or one that controls and monitors every aspect of life. Although Winston works for the government, he doesn't believe in the government's ideas.

    High, this book is long and full of words you may not recognize.

    I found this book in the library.

    10. This is an amazing book for anyone looking for a challenge.


  10. The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brain Selznick

    this book is worth four ar points.

    i really like this book because its mystery, I always want to find out what happenes next and you may think your confused but it all comes together at the end. Its a great book to escape your own life and enter a new world of a paris train station wich becomes the home of a twelve year old boy who becomes an orphan and must take on the job of his uncle. in order to stay alive he must be a theif, keep many secrets and cant go to school. As he struggles to stay alive he finds the one thing he beleives can save him from feeling so alone. but with one little mistake his secret life and dreams of solving the mystery in front of him can come unwravled from one pictue found by a grumpy old man and a girl he thinks is his friend but doesnt want to let himself trust her.

    this book is easy to read. the illustrations in the book are great with some of the pages you need the pictures given so you can understand better.

    i found this book from Mrs. Carr



  11. Title: A Series of Unfortunate Events(Book series) The Wide Window (third book)

    Author: Lemony Snicket

    AR Points: 5

    Summary: The Baudelaire orphans are on the run again after being in danger with Count Olaf. They moved in with Aunt Josephine overlooking lake Lachrymose. She is frightened by everything. Grammar is a loved subject for her. Once again Count Olaf is incogneto, and the orphans will have to expose his evil plan once again.

    I got the book from the library.

    The whole series is pretty easy to read.

    9. I extremely recommend the whole series


  12. Go ask Allice by Anonymous

    This book is about a girl who writes in her diary about the struggles of her life. She goes through rough times and trys drugs to try and fit in. As a result of her bad decision she gets hooked on drugs. She then seperates herself from her parents and other family, for drugs.

    I like this book because it shows you what one bad decision can effect your whole llife. And tear apart your life.

    I think it was a medium level book because you have to be mature to read this book.

    Mrs. Carr let me use this book